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During the alert period and until new information from the authorities, tickets / access cards for events are purchased in accordance with applicable legislation on measures to prevent contamination with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and to ensure safe activities in the field of culture.

In the context of the measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, a large part of the events that were to take place in 2020 and 2021 were canceled or rescheduled.

The event organizers are obliged to submit to the restrictions imposed mainly by the decisions issued by the Department for Emergency Situations, but also by other authorities with responsibilities in the field.

The choice between rescheduling or cancellation is inevitable in the context of measures taken by the authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19, it is not attributable to the event organizer.

In accordance with the Emergency Ordinance no. 174/2020 for the amendment and completion of some normative acts that regulate the financial support activity from non-reimbursable external funds, in the context of the crisis caused by COVID-19, modified by Law no. 131/2021, the following rules apply:

a) in case of rescheduling the event or festival, the participant in the event or festival will be able to use the purchased access ticket, benefiting from all the rights conferred by the access ticket on the date of rescheduling the event or festival. The term for bringing to the public's notice the date of rescheduling the event or festival is a maximum of 6 months from the date of the end of the period of suspension of the right to organize events and festivals..

b) in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the event or festival, the participant in the event or festival will receive from the organizer a voucher for the full amount paid to the organizer, a voucher to be used to purchase products or services from the range offered by the organizer, according to a regulation detailed communicated by the organizer

c) if the voucher is not used for the purchase of products or services until the expiry of the term provided in let. a), the organizer will reimburse all the amounts he received from the consumer within 90 days calculated from the last day of the rescheduling term.

The organizer has the obligation to offer a period of 30 days to the ticket buyer, to choose between using the ticket for the rescheduled event or festival or the voucher provided at para. (1) lit. b). After the expiration of the 30 days, the ticket automatically becomes valid for the rescheduled edition of the event or festival.



The FOREVER HIT Voucher (hereinafter "Voucher") is available to holders of a valid ticket / access card to participate in FOREVER HIT 2021 or the "Festival" but wish to turn it into a valuable voucher, giving them the opportunity to to opt for another event, under the conditions provided by art. 3.

In all cases, the Voucher will be in the value of the ticket / access card purchased by the holder, as provided in art. 3 of these Terms and Conditions.


An access ticket / card purchased for the 2021 Edition of the FOREVER HIT festival, which becomes a Voucher, retains all the characteristics of the original ticket purchased, regardless of the value paid on the initial ticket / access card.

For example, the buyer of a VIP ticket / access card will benefit from a new VIP ticket / access card with the characteristics of the Voucher, previously mentioned.

The holder of a Category 3 ticket / access card cannot change the characteristics of the ticket / access card and benefit from a VIP ticket / access card, but he will only be able to benefit from a Category 3 ticket.


The ticket / access card to the FOREVER HIT Festival on September 18, 2021 can be transformed into a Voucher at the request of the holder of the ticket / access card within 30 days from the date of the public announcement of the Reprogramming Organizer of the 2021 Edition of the FOREVER HIT festival by filling in the form available on

Following this operation, the applicant will receive an e-mail confirming the voucher and a voucher code that can be used according to art. 4 (“voucher code”).

If it has not been requested to transform the ticket / access card for FOREVER HIT Festival 2021 Edition into a Voucher, after the expiration of the 30 days, the ticket / access card automatically becomes valid for the rescheduled edition of the event for which it was purchased.


The voucher can be used to purchase tickets / access cards for any of the events
organized by the Organizer, which will be available on the Bileteacum website: or other points of sale that will be announced by the Organizer, including for the purchase of tickets for the FOREVER HIT festival for the date when it will be reprogrammed.

The voucher will have the value of the amount paid by the buyer of the ticket / access card at the time of its purchase.

If the products or services that the Voucher holder wishes to purchase have a higher value, the value of the Voucher will be deducted from their price, and the Voucher holder will pay the difference of the desired product or service.

The use of the Voucher will be made by using the online voucher code, for the purchase of the desired product or service, in the dedicated space. If the Organizer provides products or services in another way, the use of the voucher will be made in any way that allows the identification of the voucher code.

The voucher can be sent to another person by the voucher holder. The organizer can implement a Voucher submission procedure.

If the Voucher is not used for the purchase of products or services until
at the latest on the date of rescheduling the event, the Organizer will reimburse the amounts received
from the voucher holder within 90 days calculated from the last day of the rescheduling period.


Those who opt to exchange a ticket / access card into a voucher are obliged to comply
these Terms and Conditions and also these General Regulations accepted by the buyer with the purchase of the ticket / access card, which are available to any Buyer at any time for consultation.

These Voucher Terms and Conditions have been drafted in accordance with the provisions Emergency Ordinance no. 174 of October 14, 2020 for the amendment and completion of some normative acts that regulate the financial support activity from non-reimbursable external funds, in the context of the crisis caused by COVID-19, modified by Law no. 131 from May 12, 2021, as well as other normative acts.


During their use in this document, the terms defined have the meaning agreed in this section, unless otherwise defined in this Regulation:

Access card: a certificate issued in any form (paper or electronic) certifying the right to access Forever Hit 2021. Access cards have a unique identification number. By purchasing access cards, buyers undertake to comply with these Festival Regulations, the procedures for registering purchased season tickets, the rules of check-in and access to the Festival and, in general, any other rules for participation in it, which are brought to knowledge through various means, including directly through the Site. The purchase of access cards is made on the platform and the purchase of access cards from another place is prohibited and leads to the restriction of access to the respective Festival.

Wristband: a certificate applied by Forever Hit to the validation of an access card, which offers rights identical to those included in the access card and certifies exclusively that its holder has the right to visit the Festival; special payment method within the Festival.

Access card buyer: the person who buys the Festival access card.

Festival Duration and Venue: Forever Hit 2021 will take place on September 18, 2021, on the “National Arena” stadium in Bucharest.

Contractual Partner: an economic operator or other natural / legal person carrying out independent commercial activities at the Festival, based on a contractual relationship with Forever Hit.

Participants - all persons participating in the Festival, whether they are Authorized Participants or Unauthorized Participants.

Authorized Participants: Access Card Buyer and Visitor.

Unauthorized Participant: natural person participating in the Festival without having a valid right to enter, including the person who obtains a Bracelet in exchange for an illegally acquired access card or the third party participating in the Festival with such a bracelet.

Product: items and rights with pecuniary value that may be purchased from Forever Hit or other Contractual Partners within or in connection with the Festival, as well as any vouchers or other similar means that may be offered in exchange for them.

Service: any service provided by Forever Hit or its Contractual Partners within or in connection with the Festival, either free of charge or for a fee.

Third parties: individuals and legal entities other than Forever Hit, Visitors or Buyers of access cards.

Guest: natural person having the right to enter and participate in the Festival.

Festival Area: inside the “National Arena” stadium in Bucharest.


These clauses of the Regulation shall apply:

● participation of Visitors or Buyers of access cards to the Festival;
● Unauthorized participants.

These Regulations present the rights and obligations arising from participation in the Festival and the relations established between Forever Hit and Participants on the occasion of the Festival, the latter being obliged to respect them, the application of the Regulation helping to ensure the safety and comfort of all.

By participating in the Festival, Participants accept and agree to the conditions of the Organizer to comply with the Regulations.

Acceptance of this Regulation marks the conclusion of the contractual relationship between the Authorized Participants and Forever Hit.

The organizer suggests to the Participants to contact the security team, its representatives or the authorities in case they notice any irregularities.

This Regulation is valid for an indefinite period. Participants agree that Forever Hit has the right to amend this Regulation without prior notice to them. If the Regulation changes, those changes take effect immediately after publication on the Site.

Forever Hit states that the Regulations can be changed after purchasing the access card, even immediately before the Festival. Forever Hit recommends that Participants monitor changes to these Regulations.

The buyer of the access card agrees, by buying the access card, and the Visitor agrees by receiving the Bracelet that he is obliged to comply with it.

Unauthorized participants will not have any rights in the relationship with Forever Hit, because Forever Hit does not enter into a contractual relationship with them and does not assume any obligations to them.


3.1. Access Cards and Wristbands

Access cards are ordered from the site and can be paid online with the card. Visa and Mastercard cards that are enrolled in the 3DSecure system are accepted.

Fees, amounting to 10% of the order value, represent administration and processing fees and apply to all orders placed on the site and requiring further processing and assistance for their completion. Access cards requested by buyers can only be considered valid after payment has been made in full and received. The final cost paid for the purchase of the access card includes both the price of the access card and the fees mentioned above.

Following the successful completion of an order on the site users will receive on the e-mail address, through which the registration was made, the access cards purchased in maximum 48 hours. Afterwards, the access cards can be printed in order to be presented at the check-in point of the event or they can be presented directly from the smartphone screen. The code on each ticket is unique and allows one person access to the event. After scanning a code, it cannot be reused by another person.

Visitors are admitted to the Festival at the times and according to the conditions specified by the organizer in these Regulations. By purchasing a valid access card, each Participant ensures his right to participate in the Festival, with the obligation to know his rights and obligations within it.

Participation in the Festival is done using one of the following types of access cards:

● Category 3 access card - guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its development, starting at 17:00 and until the end of the Festival. Holders of Category 3 access cards have access ONLY in the Category 3 area, as indicated on the Event Map (blue colored area).

● Category 2 access card - guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its development, starting at 17:00 and until the end of the Festival. Holders of Category 2 access cards have access ONLY in the Category 2 area, as indicated on the Event Map (orange colored area).

● Category 1 access card - guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its development, starting at 17:00 and until the end of the Festival. Holders of Category 1 access cards have access ONLY in the Category 1 area, as indicated on the Event Map (magenta colored area).

● VIP access card - guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its development, starting at 17:00 and until the end of the Festival. Holders of VIP access cards have access ONLY in the VIP area, as indicated on the Event Map (green colored area).

The organizer reserves the right to change the list of artists participating in the festival, both before and during the Forever Hit 2021 event.

Purchased access cards provide access to the buyer within the festival and not to a particular show / artist.

It is the responsibility of the Access Card Buyer not to post images on the internet with the purchased card (s). The access card provides access for one person to the Festival.

IMPORTANT! It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy invitations, as well as to sell access cards at a surcharge. The organizer reserves the right to resort to legal means to sanction those who will be found to carry out such activities, as well as to cancel the respective invitations / cards.

The organizer reserves the right to change the price of access cards without prior notice. This change has no retroactive effect (in other words, in the event of an increase in price, people who have already bought access cards will not have to pay any extra amount, just as in the case of a reduction, people who have already bought will not receive the resulting difference).

In order to be allowed access to the Festival Area, the holder of a valid access card has the obligation to check in the purchased access card.

Check-in will be free of charge upon entering the Festival Area, performed by Forever Hit and / or a Contractual Partner, using their own infrastructure and staff or performed by volunteers hired by a Forever Hit partner.

Each valid access card holder who checked in and showed up at the entrance to the Festival Area receives a Bracelet (colored according to the type of access card and the age of the Participant).

After changing the access card with a Bracelet / Card, the Bracelet / Card will confer the rights and obligations conferred by the access card. Forever Hit will register and connect the Visitor's Bracelet during the entry procedure, provided that the Visitor has validly checked the access card.

The wristbands are non-transferable. Visitors have the obligation to wear the Wristbands, during their validity, on the wrist or, in exceptional and well-justified cases, in another visible place, provided that the Wristband cannot be removed without being damaged.

The Festival organizers can inspect the Bracelets at the entrance, exit and on the entire perimeter of the Festival, throughout the Festival.

The visitor is fully responsible for any damage or loss of the Wristband.

Damaged wristbands, which have been resealed or cut, whose closing system has been opened, those with a diameter larger than the wearer's wrist or which have been intervened in any way, are NOT valid. Forever Hit will replace damaged or lost wristbands at the special point created inside the stadium for this purpose.

Participants with damaged Wristbands lose their right to be in the Festival Area, being excluded from it. In case of loss, damage of any kind of Wristband, the Participant is obliged to purchase a new access card for that day if he wishes to remain in the Festival Area.

f, on access to the Festival Area, the access card holder is suspected of illegally acquiring the access card, Forever Hit expressly reserves the right to require the access card holder to present documents and / or certificates to verifies the legal acquisition or acquisition of the access card, the right to assess whether they are valid and compliant, and in the absence of a satisfactory document or certificate, reserves the right to invalidate the access card without any obligation to reimburse the purchase price and to refuse the entry of the respective person in the Festival Area.

When accessing the services offered through the site / application, the user becomes aware of this regulation, which he fully assumes.

In the online purchase of access cards, the Visitor is solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered. The festival has the right and will check on the spot if the data entered by the visitor corresponds to the data on his identity card.

If the user wants to purchase more than one access card, he can do so. The owner of the ticket group is directly and solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered.

Access card transfer policy

The holder of an access card has the possibility to transfer the access card to another person.


REFUND is the action by which a participant in the Festival recovers the money left on the wristband / card, under the conditions detailed in these Regulations.

Unused amounts on the bracelet can be exchanged for cash, through the process called REFUND, if all the conditions imposed by the Festival are met. The amounts are returned at any of the loading points on the perimeter of the festival, at any time during the festival but not later than Monday, September 20, 2021, at 18:00. Any request after the date and time expressly indicated will not be considered by the organizer. In this situation, the organizer will not be held guilty of non-refund of the amount to the participant, being the duty and exclusive obligation of the participant to comply with the date and time until which he can request a refund of unused amounts on the wristband. If the participant does not request the refund of the unused amounts from the wristband within this period, he is solely responsible for the non-refund of the money, the organizer being free of any fault.

The amount returned represents the entire amount remaining in the Bracelet account, for which a commission of 10 lei is charged - processing fee. To make the Refund, the Festival participant must wear the wristband in his hand and make sure that it does not show signs of compromise.

3.2. General rules for access to the Festival

Entry to the Festival is possible only through the established places and times, exclusively for Authorized Participants.

Access to the Festival Area is made only at the specially arranged entrances, in compliance with the check-in and access procedures and rules, provided by these Regulations.

Access to the Festival Area will be based on the type of access card purchased.

The participants have the obligation to have identity documents on them in addition to the access card.

At the request of the security team or of the representatives of the Organizer or of other competent bodies or authorities, the Participant has the obligation to present the access documents and the identity documents.

At each access area the Participant acknowledges and agrees to these Regulations, which is public through the Site.

In order to ensure the safe conduct of the Festival, Forever Hit reserves the right to restrict the type of objectives and devices that may be brought to the Festival area.

Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the Festival with the following objects:

● Drugs;
● Bottles (including perfume bottles or deodorants);
● Cosmetic products, insofar as they contain flammable liquids;
● Backpacks or bags larger than 29cm x 21cm x 12cm;
● Beverage boxes;
● Canned;
● Fireworks;
● Lasers;
● Sprays;
● Banners supported by sticks;
● Chairs;
● Knives, weapons, blunt objects;
● Chains;
● Lighters;
● Pyrotechnic articles;
● Food or drink;
● Animals;
● Umbrellas (in case of rain it is recommended to use capes);
● Flammable or explosive materials;
● Professional cameras or video cameras, including any type of DSLR camera;
● Any type of object that may injure other Participants.

Access is allowed with:
● Matches;
● Selfie sticks (small in size and made of light materials);
● External batteries;
● Medication;
● Insulin;
● Drops - medicinal use;
● Asthma inhaler spray.

Any such products are permitted only if they are accompanied by a medical letter or any other substitute document and with a maximum daily dose.

Due to the very strict rules regarding prohibited objects, the persons responsible for the security and monitoring of the Festival will search in detail each Participant and any prohibited objects discovered after verification will be stopped at the gate, without the Organizer taking responsibility for them.

All participants are advised to consult the list of prohibited objects and not to wear such objects during the Festival.

Regarding the lost objects, the Organizer will arrange a special space where such objects can be brought and where each owner can recover their goods within 72 hours after the end of the festival. After the Festival, all unclaimed objects will be handed over to their issuers (example: identity card, birth certificate, etc., to the attention of the Municipal Police; bank cards to the issuing banks).

Items without an identifiable issuer, regardless of value, will be donated to charity, to the extent possible, depending on the nature of the items.

The Organizer is not responsible for the goods of the Participants or for any damages caused.

It is forbidden to enter with the car, rollers, skates, bicycles, hoverboards, as well as with other devices like this in the Festival Areas.

3.3. Minors and people with disabilities

Minors will receive wristbands of another color, which will not allow them to buy alcoholic beverages or cigarettes. Minors are not allowed to drink alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Minors under the age of 14 have free access to the Festival only accompanied by their parents.

At the request of the persons responsible for security and monitoring, as well as the representatives of the Organizer, the companion has the obligation to present documents (student card, passport or any other document containing the photo of the minor) attesting the age of the minor.

The access of minors between 14-18 years old will be made only on the basis of a valid access card, of the identity document and in the company of a parent / guardian.

Due to the very loud noise produced during the Festival, the Organizer does not recommend the presence of children under 14 in the Festival. Minors under the age of 14 must wear headphones.

In the case of persons with disabilities classified in a category of disability, they benefit from free access based on the certificate of classification in the degree of disability and the identity document.

Participants who fall into a certain category of disability, have the obligation to present to the security team or to the representatives of the Organizer a valid identity document as well as the certificate attesting the disability.

The companion enjoys free access only if he proves, by any kind of supporting document, that he has in care and protection the disabled person he accompanies.

The organizer reserves the right to determine the number of people with disabilities who will be able to participate in the Festival, depending on the total number of participants and the capacity of the festival.

3.4. Behavior during the Festival

In the Festival Areas, visitors are required to refrain from any actions, statements or behavior that may endanger the life, health or physical integrity of others or that may violate their personal rights.

Any form of economic, commercial or advertising activity in the Festival Area - including the area in front of the Festival gates - is prohibited without the prior written permission of Forever Hit.

The sale of alcoholic beverages must comply with the law, and no such drinks may be offered to minors under the age of 18 and to persons intoxicated by Forever Hit or by any Contractual Partner within the Festival.

The use of substances qualified as drugs prohibited under the applicable law is prohibited in the Festival Area and is punishable by law.

Any demonstrations of any kind, not related to the Festival organized by Forever Hit, regardless of the number of participants, are prohibited, unless Forever Hit has given its prior written approval.

In the Festival Area, the authorized and qualified employees of Forever Hit or its Contractual Partners will ensure the application of the rules of conduct and safety. Visitors expressly undertake, by virtue of their participation in the Festival, to cooperate fully with these persons within the limits of the law and to comply with their instructions at the Festival in case of emergency or other significant circumstances (eg for health reasons). public) justifies it.

For security reasons, the Festival Area is monitored with video cameras by the Forever Hit Contract Partners. At the Festival you can use both Free Services and Products, as well as Services and Products for which payment is charged.

Visitors undertake to pay for all Services and Products for which payment is levied, and assume responsibility for the immediate payment of all prices and purchase fees due.

Visitors will make payment for the Products and Services for which payment is charged using the payment methods offered by Forever Hit or the Contractual Partners, as specified in Section 3.7 of this Regulation.

Thus, on the Forever Hit site all prices and purchase taxes will be payable exclusively by the methods designated by Forever Hit, instead of cash.

3.5. Safety and health

Taking into account the scope of the Festival, the Organizer will take the appropriate measures so that the Participants are informed about the measures and prevention and protection activities within the Festival Area.

Everyone has the obligation to show a civilized behavior towards the other Participants of the Festival. In particular, for the purpose of a good development of the Festival, the Participants have the following obligations:

● to immediately communicate to the security team and / or to the representatives of the Organizer any situation about which they have good reasons to consider it a danger to the safety and health of the Participants,
● to inform the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer of any incidents suffered by himself,
● to cooperate with the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer, the competent authorities, the volunteers, in order to ensure the smooth running of the Festival, without risks to safety and health,
● The participant who observes a fire has the obligation to notify by any means the security team and / or the representatives of the Organizer, in order to limit and extinguish the fire,
● in case of fire, any Participant has the obligation to follow the instructions of the Organizer,
● to comply with the laws in force regarding smoking indoors in the Festival Area, because it is strictly forbidden (ex: Law 15/2016).

3.6. Recordings made during the Festival

The Organizer has the right to image the entire Festival and can use the photo and video images, made by both his own staff and the Participants, in various materials made on the occasion of the Festival.

Visitors take note that Forever Hit, Forever Hit Authorized Partners, its partners, members of the media, other Visitors and other Third Parties may make audio and image recordings of the Festival.

Therefore, all Visitors, by virtue of their participation in the Festival, grant to the Organizer (as well as to those authorized by the latter), by taking note of these Regulations, express permission to record and publish their image, appearance and actions. These images will be used to create promotional and advertising materials (eg aftermovie) that will be distributed on the official social media pages, on the official Youtube channel but also on various television shows and in press articles, etc.

The person who makes the registrations according to the above-mentioned rules will obtain transferable and exclusive usage rights regarding the Visitors' registrations, any presentation of the respective images must be in connection with the Festival.

Forever Hit and the persons authorized by Forever Hit have the unrestricted right to make a profit from, use (especially for the purpose of promoting the Festival), copy, publish, make public, disseminate publicly and distribute such records of Visitors, without the need to pay Visitors for it.

Visitors expressly note that Forever Hit may record the Festival, concerts and programs, copy the recordings and distribute them through image media, broadcast them or make them public in any other way and may do so in a manner repeatedly, including by informing the public about the Festival, concerts and programs by means of data transmission by cable or by any other means (eg via YouTube), so that members of the public can individually choose the place and time of access.

Visitors do not have the right, within the limits of the legal provisions, to file claims against Forever Hit in connection with their recordings and publication as provided above.

Visitors are allowed to make audio and image recordings at the Festival, but only with the help of a sound and image recording tool built into a telecommunications device used for personal purposes (eg a mobile phone or tablet).

Visitors may not, without the prior consent of Forever Hit, sell, use in exchange for a price or use for free, but for commercial purposes, the image and voice recordings they have made, to identify the Visitors listed in those records. without their consent, or to violate the personal rights of those Visitors.

Forever Hit, expressly, is not responsible for the violation of the above rules by other Visitors. The organizer reserves the right to establish areas / locations with prohibited photography / filming. In case of non-compliance, the Organizer has the right to prohibit the access of the respective Visitor inside the stadium.

3.7. The products and the payment method within the Festival

In the Festival Area there will be points where Participants can obtain the Products and Services provided by the Organizer or the Contractual Partners. Participants have the obligation to use in the Festival Area only the payment methods and tools established by the Organizer.

The payment method for the products and services offered in the Festival Area are multi-use vouchers used through payment devices (RFID), ie Wristband / Card.

Upon entering the Festival Area, each Participant has the obligation to purchase the Bracelet / Card (with the integrated payment system), with which he can purchase the Products and Services available in the Festival Area.

Payment in cash in the Festival Area is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, except for the Top Up areas (the place where the money is loaded on the bracelet) established in advance by the Organizer.

These payment instruments are considered MPVs (multi-purpose vouchers), as defined by the European Commission, due to the fact that in exchange for Credit Points on the payment instrument, the participant can purchase services / products that have a share Different VAT.

In this case, the VAT is collected when using the credit points. At the same time, the issuance of a tax receipt and / or an invoice for the Product / Service purchased, is the responsibility of the merchants (Contractual Partners).

If a Participant wants the tax invoice for the Products / Services purchased during the Festival, he has the obligation to keep all tax receipts from each trader (Contractual Partner) in order to subsequently request the tax invoice from those Contractual Partners.

The organizer has the obligation to provide proof that the transaction (deposit or withdrawal of funds) has taken place.

The procedure regarding the transactions in the electronic system during the Festival is the following:

● Upon entering the Festival Areas, after obtaining the Bracelet, it is recommended that each Participant go to one of the Top Up locations to load their Bracelet with credit points.
● The bracelet will be the only way to pay for the Festival.
● The conversion for this MPV (multi-purpose voucher) is: 1 leu - 1 credit point.
● For each upload, the Organizer has the possibility, but not the obligation, to hand over to the Participant a proof for the amount deposited on the Bracelet.
● Participants have the opportunity to charge their bracelet as many times as they want, but each charge must have a minimum amount of 10 lei.
● The participant has the right to check the amount available on the Bracelet at any Contractual Partner in the Festival Area or at Top Up.
● The participant has the right to check the amount available on the Bracelet at any Contractual Partner in the Festival Area or at Top Up.
● The Participant chooses the desired product, at which point the respective Contractual Partner ticks the amount in POS;
● Each Participant has the obligation to verify the amount checked by the Contractual Partner in POS, and after verification will touch the Bracelet of the POS (contactless) terminal (card - reader) to make the payment;
● The Contractual Partners will have the obligation to issue fiscal vouchers to the Client Participants (as well as invoices, at the Participants' request).

Return of money left on Bracelets at the end of the Festival:

● The participant has the possibility to receive back at any time the unused amount from the Chip Bracelet but not later than Monday, September 20, 2021, at 18:00; after this date the unused amounts will not be refunded and remain the property of the Organizer;
● The return of the remaining amounts on the Bracelet is made exclusively in cash at the Top Up locations located in the Festival Area.


Forever Hit makes no warranties regarding the length of the entry process, given the large number of visitors, or the possibility of entering the individual Festival, the duration of the entry and the quality of the entertainment, and explicitly excludes the refund to the Visitor of the price. access card or the granting of a subsequent reduction or payment of damages, compensation or compensation of any kind.

During the Festival, the Organizer may make changes to the program, depending on various situations that may arise along the way. As there is no contractual relationship between Forever Hit and the Unauthorized Participant, Forever Hit explicitly excludes any liability to the Unauthorized Participant for breach of contract and for any claims that a consumer may make.

Forever Hit reserves the right to modify, restructure and subsequently develop the Festival, the Services and Products offered within the Festival, at its choice, as required.

Visitors are not entitled to claim against Forever Hit in respect of such changes, restructuring or further development. Therefore, Forever Hit will not guarantee the Visitor the availability, content, quality and quantity of programs and Services (such as the evolution of a particular artist, the fact that the evolution of a particular artist will live up to the Visitor's expectations, or the opportunity to participate in a particular program and / or at a specific location), which nevertheless takes shape depending on the special characteristics of the location and the equipment present in it (such as the number of seats of a certain location).

However, Forever Hit will make every effort to provide the previously communicated programs and Services and, if it becomes impossible to provide them, to replace the canceled program or the previously communicated Service with another program or Service.

Forever Hit has no obligation to cancel the Festival in case of bad weather. If the authorities request the suspension or closure of the Festival by Forever Hit due to force majeure, the Festival or part of it will be postponed or canceled.

Also, if the Festival is canceled at the initiative of the organizer, but due to force majeure or fortuitous event, including epidemics and pandemics, the organizer is not obliged to return the value of the purchased access card.

Visitors expressly note that they may also purchase Products and Services in connection with the Festival that are offered by other Contractual Partners, and not by Forever Hit.

In such cases, the contract is concluded directly between the Visitor and the Contractual Partner, and the rights and obligations deriving from the legal relationship apply exclusively to the Visitor and the Contractual Partner.

Visitors expressly confirm that they may not make any claim against Forever Hit in connection with those Products and Services or in connection with the contract for those Products and Services.

Forever Hit also generally states that it is not liable in any way for the Products and Services provided by the Contracting Partners. Visitors may use the Services and Products provided by the Contracting Partners exclusively at their own risk. Forever Hit assumes no liability for damages arising out of or suffered in connection with the purchase or use of Services and Products provided by the Contracting Partners.

Visitors can enter the Festival exclusively at their own risk. Forever Hit will only be liable for intentional breaches of contract attributable to it and breaches of contract that endanger human health, integrity or physical health, if such damages are caused by Forever Hit, and excludes any liability beyond the explicit legal rights of the Participants in connection with with any other damage, including those affecting human life, integrity or physical health or material damage.

Forever Hit does not operate luggage storage facilities or safe deposit boxes during the Festival. Lost and found items can be handed over to the information office; visitors may be interested in lost items at the same office.

Unauthorized Visitors and Participants are fully liable, under both civil and criminal law, for any damage caused by Forever Hit, its Contractual Partners, other Visitors and Third Parties within the Festival or in connection with the Festival.

Forever Hit is not liable for any damage caused to any Visitor, Unauthorized Participant or Third Party by the illegal activities or omissions of any Visitor, Unauthorized Participant, pet or Third Party.

Forever Hit is not liable for any damages that may occur outside the Festival Area or on the way to or from the Festival Area, as Forever Hit can only be held liable for damages in the Festival Area, if the conditions set out in this are met. Forever Hit Liability Regulations.

Forever Hit has the right to immediately terminate the legal relationship with the Participant (having an access card or Bracelet) who has violated any provision of these Regulations in connection with the Festival.

In such a case, Forever Hit may invalidate the Participant's Subscription or remove the Bracelet, and the Participant will be forced to leave the Festival.

The Unauthorized Participant is not allowed to participate and must leave the Festival Area without delay.

The participant agrees to be granted the medical treatment that may be considered appropriate in case of injury, accident or illness during the Festival and fully exonerates from liability Forever Hit and all persons participating in the provision of that medical treatment for any such actions, within the limits legal provisions.

In the Festival Area, first aid and medical assistance services will be provided continuously.

During the Festival there will be various games of high intensity lights and pyrotechnic effects that can harm children or people with epilepsy. Participants who suffer from mental and physical illnesses and who may be affected in any way by loud noises, special visual effects, crowded areas, special sound effects or any other such elements, assume full responsibility for any damage they may suffer.

Also, the Organizer does not assume responsibility for any damage or injury that may arise as a result of fireworks. Participants assume full responsibility for the ability to participate physically / mentally in various activities within the Festival.

IMPORTANT! We recommend performing specialized medical check-ups before participating in such activities that require, among other things, an increased level of effort.

Forever Hit will have no responsibility, of any kind, for:

• any kind of damage (direct or indirect) resulting from the use or inability to understand the information presented on the Site in connection with the Festival;
• any type of errors or omissions in the content that may cause damage. Forever Hit, without any prior notice, may delete, modify or add any information on the Site, suspend any activity on the Site, and if references are made to other sites, Forever Hit does not guarantee and / or confirm in any way the type of information that can be found on these sites.

Forever Hit is also not responsible for the comments posted by users on the Site. Any information, data, text, photos, graphics, etc. contained on the Site are the responsibility of that person / entity from which it comes.

Under these conditions Forever Hit cannot guarantee the content of the Site including, but not limited to, truncated, incomplete or incorrect information or for any consequences of their use.

Forever Hit makes no warranties, of any kind, as to the fact that the Site will operate uninterruptedly, safely and without errors of any kind. The site may be interrupted by the owner or administrators at any time without prior notice and without any claim of any kind from its users.

Given the context generated by the dynamics of the evolution of the national and international epidemiological situation, determined by the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, taking into account the need to continue to provide adequate protection against coronavirus disease, even after the cessation of emergency SARS-CoV-2, taking into account the need to adequately and with priority protect the conventional, union and constitutional rights to life, physical integrity and health care and having regard to the obligation to comply with the laws of the Romanian State to take measures to ensure hygiene and public health of citizens, Forever Hit has the right to move the venue of the event.

Moving the venue of the event is not a reason to return the value of access cards.

In the conditions in which the event is canceled or rescheduled exclusively through the fault of the Organizer, the Organizer will return to the buyers only the equivalent value of the access cards, the processing and administration fees not being refunded. Reimbursement of the amount representing the value of access cards will be made to the account from which the initial payment was made, in the chronological order in which the orders were registered, processed and confirmed using the form HERE. 

The Organizer reserves the right to amend this Regulation at any time, without prior notice to the Participant. Any changes will be displayed on the event website and at the entrance to the venue of the event, being immediately applicable after the moment of display.


Everything that is posted on the Site as well as on various types of media in the Festival Area, such as, but not limited to, images, texts, graphics, symbols, logos, databases, etc. is the property of Forever Hit and / or its Contractual Partners.

All this falls under intellectual property law. Visitors and Third Parties may not use, copy, distribute, publish or incorporate in other documents or materials such markings / information in any form for the purpose of obtaining revenue without the prior written and express permission of Forever Hit and / or its Contractual Partners.

The images, logos, texts of the Contractual Partners of Forever Hit belong to them (or Forever Hit, if they have been assigned to them) and are reproduced on the Site or in the Festival Area with their consent.

Forever Hit will make every effort to identify the messages it has received on the Site without being addressed to it, by restoring the direct link to the source or by mentioning the people listed on this Site, but will not always be able to guarantee the existence of the reproduced source.


In order to use the Site, the users of the Site agree to provide real information about them, as specified in the Subscription purchase section, and agree to provide this information correctly and completely.

Any attempt to provide false information, access another user's personal data, change the content of the Site or affect the performance of the server on which the Site is posted, will be considered an attempt to defraud Forever Hit systems and will leads to the immediate blocking of the access of the users of the Site. Forever Hit also reserves the right to notify the competent authorities of this attempt.


Forever Hit, at its choice, will establish the conditions for carrying out the promotions on the Site, in accordance with the law. Promotions, raffles and contests run for a limited time and expire automatically on that date for each promotion, raffle or contest. Any promotion, raffle or contest may be interrupted or canceled at any time without notice. However, all participants will be notified of the interruption or cancellation.


Any conflict between Forever Hit and its customers as a result of participating in the Festival or using the Site will be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the resolution of disputes is within the competence of the Romanian courts.


In cases of force majeure (as defined by the Civil Code), the Organizer may decide to make changes or even cancel the Festival in exceptional circumstances.